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Every week I will hold an hour-long session for new or expectant folks. This is a space to meet others, discuss fears, challenges, successes, and find support. Not a place for judgments or medical advice. In today's world, we are all, whether a new parent or not, experiencing a higher level of stress and isolation and that takes a toll. I hope these sessions can help! 

Monday is focusing on Milk from 1-2 pm.

We will start off with intros and then discuss anything pertaining to feeding babies milk.

Wednesday is focusing on Anxiety and Depression 7-8 pm

This is a safe, judgment-free space to talk about how you feel during pregnancy or postpartum. Before the pandemic, 1/5 people reported Depression and Anxiety. Today perinatal mood and anxiety disorder (PMAD) affects somewhere between 40-70S% of people during pregnancy or within a year of birth. You're not alone, but it's not Ok, support is available to help you. 

Friday is less focused from 3-4 pm

On this day I want to offer another time for folks to meet and talk this can be about Milk or PMADS, the weather, their significant relationships, etc. 

If you're new to the weekly sessions please RSVP for the link.

During our weekly chats, we can talk about anything on your mind on any day. But sometimes there needs to be a starting point to get the discussion rolling.


If you would like to attend a longer more in-depth Childbirth Education Class please reach out and let me know. I will add you to the roster. Date and Time TBD Spring 2024. Need one sooner? Reach out!

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