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Pregnancy, Birth and Postpartum Services

I will provide you will the resources for evidence-based decisions. The amount of information available is overwhelming. Don't waste your precious time, I have an up-to-date evidence-based resource library ready for you.

You have autonomy in your birth and the right to make your own decisions about you, your body, and your baby. In labor and birth, I will advocate for you and your preferences.

  • Before your birth, we will discuss your general health and mental preparedness.

  • Comfort measures, breathing exercises, and techniques to help your partner help you.

  • We will discuss any fears you have about birth and ways to calm them.

  • We will discuss any of the common practices in and out of the hospital setting.

  • How to best prepare for your birth and postpartum.

  • And of course, what to do when you think you are in labor.

Mother with her Baby

Pregnancy and Labor

Standard care includes a prenatal visit


Phone and email support 


24/7 on-call service for your labor only, starting at 38 weeks

Continuous labor support


Immediate postpartum care at your place of birth

Baby's Grasp

Postpartum Support

Postpartum doula care to optimize your fourth-trimester transition. Includes, meal prep, light housekeeping, baby care, lactation help, and companionship during this vulnerable time.

Mother Breastfeeding Baby

What services do I need?

I am happy to discuss options with you, some people like companionship during office visits and ultrasounds, others need educational resources. Others will need induction, cesarean, or pregnancy loss support.


I can provide a full spectrum of services tailored to your needs during pregnancy, labor, and postpartum.

Things I will not do as a Doula:

  • perform clinical tasks such as vaginal exams 

  • pressure a birthing person into certain choices just because that’s what I would do

  • change out for anyone else (but I might call in my backup after 12-24 hours)

Fees and Payment

I feel that it is incredibly important that anyone who wants a Doula has access to one. I offer a sliding fee scale, payment plans, some barter, and trade as well.

Being a birth attendant requires great commitment, time, love, energy, and unwavering support. So, please carefully consider whether you and your family would truly need access to the sliding scale. I welcome a conversation about fees so we can come to an arrangement that will work for all of us.  

My complete package:

$1,200. Includes all prenatal communication, birth, and being on call for you 24/7 during your birth window.


À la carte services:

  • Birth - $600

  • For additional services including education and postpartum care, the rate is $40 per hour.

  • 8-hour overnight postpartum care is $200/night

  • I bill weekly or monthly for communication via talk, text, or email at $40/hr. I keep very precise time, no rounding! 


I always give a free 30-60 minute consultation and am happy to answer any questions you have about pregnancy birth or postpartum at that time in addition to getting to know one another.


Give me a call so we can discuss your plan.



After the initial interview, we can discuss the initial deposit and payment plan that will work for all of us. For any birth-related care, my preference is for families to be paid in full by 35 weeks of pregnancy.


The type and approximate quantity must be proposed and agreed on by all of us at the start of care.


Some ideas:

  • firewood

  • dairy, eggs, produce 

  • field maintenance

  • landscaping and gardening

  • trade work such as plumbing and electrical, masonry, carpentry, painting

  • snow plowing

  • plants and plant products


sliding scale.png

Illness or Hospital Restrictions

I am happy to provide both in-person and virtual services. Our consulattion will be virtual unless you prefer otherwise.

For prenatal visits and birth, you may choose either or a combination of both virtual and in-person services, unless restrictions prohibit in-person at your chosen place of birth. Postpartum care can be virtual as well to assess any breast/chest feeding challenges and provide support with baby care questions that might arise. I am happy to discuss my personal and professional protocals.

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