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As the due date of Baby Bean approaches, we appreciate the thoughtfulness of those who would like to reach out and provide support. 


Due to the current climate on social gatherings, we are not planning a traditional Baby Shower.


We do plan on a Virtual Baby Shower. So we can get together and chat.

We have so many friends, near and far, and it will be great to include them too!


Since shipping is slow these days with overworked mail delivery systems we are trying to be cognizant of what we need versus what we want and appreciate the hard work those essential workers are doing. 



Links to our Registries

Sean and I have already purchased the big essentials, like the car seat nursery room furnishings.  We have been gifted a few other things that are super helpful as well. A Boppy pillow, lots of newborn to 6 months clothes, a crib, and a rocking chair to name a few.


Hand-me-downs and hand made items are something we would really appreciate too, just because the baby is new does not mean all its stuff has to be. So if you are handy or have access to toys, clothes, swaddles or the like, feel free to pass them along. Let us know how you intend to mail them and we can advise you on the best address to use. We live in a black hole and it changes depending on the mail carrier. And if you live nearby you can always drop them on our covered porch.

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